How Is The Real Estate Market Of Homes For Sale In Lacey WA

Dated: 03/05/2015

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The MAI is a proprietary algorithm for answering the question, “How’s the market?”. It was developed by Altos Research. Basically, an index of less than 30 is a buyer's market, and above 30 is a seller's market. The strength of either market, then, is indicated by how high above, or how far below the index is from 30. As you can see for homes for sale in Lacey WA, it was a very strong Buyer's Market for several years . Then during the first quarter of 2013, the MAI for homes for sale in Lacey WA rose sharply to just over the 30 mark, indicating a weak Seller's Market. 

In mid 2013, the market for homes in Lacey WA rose sharply again so a relatively strong Seller's Market. However, after peaking in March of 2014, it took a steady decline before leveling off in early 2015 to a fairly weak to moderate Seller's Market.

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