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Don has been actively involved in the real estate industry for 20+ yrs. He grew up in a real estate family, with his father being a broker and owner of his own real estate brokerage in suburban Chicago. Both of his parents imparted the absolute highest ethical values in Don, as well as his 2 brothers and 3 sisters. He learned how to treat others fairly, even competitors, and the work ethic including you first, instead of me first. These are the foundation and guiding principles of Don's business.

During his over 16 yrs in the business as a real estate broker, Don has acquired the skills and knowledge to guide his clients through the increasingly complex tasks of buying and selling real estate. He has earned numerous awards for month to month production, plus Top Listing broker in an office of 80+. In all those years Don has never had a disciplinary action by any licensing board, association or organization. He simply does what his client's need and want and takes care of business in a highly professional manner.
Don’s experience goes well beyond the day to day activities of a real estate broker. It also includes almost two years as a real estate appraiser, plus approximately 2,000 hours of real estate education at Clover Park Technical College.
Don has chosen Burger Professionals as his brokerage home because he sees that the office shares his values, and has put in enormous resources in their technology and communication infrastructure to better serve and follow up with client's and potential client's. With this dedication to quality of service, it's little wonder Don's chosen slogan is "Making real estate ‘real easy’ for you".

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